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At 2:52pm on August 18, 2013, Citlaly Solís Guillén said…

The history is in my blog


At 2:19pm on August 18, 2013, Citlaly Solís Guillén said…
At 2:17pm on August 18, 2013, Citlaly Solís Guillén said…

Answer the questions:

Where are you from?

What do you do?

What lenguages do you speak?

What are you going to do tomorrow?

What do you do last weekend?


At 10:46am on September 9, 2010, Paty Diaz said…
August 2010
Classes haven’t end I have waited all this year to get out from this school. I don’t like my current school. I want to be a high school student and feel older, I always have dream of entering to the Tec of Monterrey. They say its very difficult but I trust in myself. I know I can’t do it, at the beginning I think I would stress a little because I come from a school where I don’t do anything. I hate my school, I don’t like it, I have been here for all my life so entering to high school it’s a great accomplishment for me.
At 9:25am on September 9, 2010, Paty Diaz said…
July 2010
I am very happy here in Cancun in the Hotel Riu Palace Riviera Maya. The hotel it’s very beautiful but it isnt so big as others I that I have stayed in. I like this hotel but I have seen that there is more old people that young people of my age. When I first saw the hotel I felt bad because I was waiting for something more excithig, with lot of teenagers and activities for us. This hotel was designed for older people to relax and enjoy the luxuries of this hotel. Even there is a small number of teenagers in here the ones I have seen are very handsome guys. Even thought the hotel isn’t what I was waiting, I have a lot of fun in my stance here. The food is delicious in here, that what I like the most. The sea its beautiful and calmed, it has no waves, it is like a pool but in the sea. Now I am waiting to go back and stay few days in Merida.
At 9:13am on September 9, 2010, Paty Diaz said…
Hi mr.Michael i couldn't enter to my account so I created I new one and I couldn't sign in until today here is my work: June 2010

Classes have finish, I am waiting for my deserved vacations. The wait is so boring, I don’t have things to do. I could have enter to some summer activities but my trip is near and wouldn’t enjoy my activities at all. I am searching what to take to my waited trip. I have packed all necessary things to enojoy this trip. I know I am only going one week but I will try to have a lot of fun . I want to meet new and different kinds of people in this trip. I have waited a year for this trip and now the time is near. This sacrifice that my parents would make to relax and get out from city.
At 2:06pm on July 21, 2010, Elliott Cox said…
Michael, thank you for the request approval. I'm looking forward to finding my way through the site and making myself at home! Take care, Elliott
At 7:07pm on May 16, 2010, Helen Corzo said…
hi.! i would like to tell me again how I can find the reading, I was looking for but couldn't find it .. I want to read today and post a comment..
i hope you can answer me today
At 4:11pm on April 16, 2010, Ciro R. Dominguez Ocaña said…
Or maybe if you can grade me with my last atempt, it was 80, it would be ok for me. I got the 80 in one of the other attempts, but yesterday I did it again because the quiz that I wanted to do (P3QZ2 were I got 76) was closed, so I did the sentences quiz and I already have 80, but I did again and I got 64 =/. Maybe if you can use the 80 that I already had or if you can please open the "Sentences" quiz again, plase. Thank you. =) Have a good weekend.
At 4:01pm on April 16, 2010, Ciro R. Dominguez Ocaña said…
Mr Brown, I just entered in Blackboard and check the quizes. The P3Qz2 is Ok for me, but I wanted to do the Sentences quiz again, but it is still closed and I can´t do it, Can you open it please? Thanks Ciro Dominguez
At 4:48pm on April 15, 2010, DD Peattie said…
Dear Mr Brown - It was an honor and privilege to write for your students. Thank you for the opportunity. Cordially and sincerely, DD Peattie
At 11:22am on April 13, 2010, Beto said…
ok michael i will check it out because they are song lyrics, to a song that I will going to make
At 4:55pm on April 10, 2010, Beto said…
teacher what do you thinnk about this???

sharing green memories show us pleasent,
making people feel good and at the same time,
clean your glasses asaw what is happening,
the world is just going down.
At 10:11pm on April 3, 2010, Geraldin Prats said…
Hahahaha I know i know hahaha! See you on monday heheh!

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